Last Day of School 2020

Last Friday was Waverly’s last day of second grade + since Avalon’s preschool year ended a couple weeks prior, we are officially DONE with school for the summer!!!  Even though the end of the school year feels different this year since we have been technically been home for months, it is still much welcomed.  Virtual learning was definitely a struggle, I was not meant to be a homeschool teacher + Waverly Maye was not meant to learn from a computer.  She thrives on social interaction and loves the routine of going to school each day plus of course her teachers + friends, so we are crossing our fingers for more of a normal schedule in the fall.  Either way, I will forever be so thankful for all the extra time I got with all three of my girls this year, the good outweighed the bad and it was extra sweet since I typically work full-time during the school year.

A few things I want to remember about this past school year.

Waverly Maye, second grade + second year of Spanish immersion.  She loves writing the most and knows everyone at her school by name (even most of the staff and kids in different grades).  Her teaches gave her the “Ray of Sunshine” award which made me smile so much, she got the “Positively Peppy” award in kindergarten so it’s nice to know how much joy she spreads to others at school!  During virtual learning she lived for zoom calls to socialize with her friends and gets crazy excited for a SCA theme day, any excuse to dress up and to celebrate, always.

Avalon Elle, her very last year of preschool ever.  So bittersweet.  She likes school but most days would rather stay home “cozy” in her pjs to play with her sisters + Peppa Pig toys, this is funny because it is so different than Waverly!  She is such a good little student and has learned so much this year, she gets so excited to write her name + to cut with her soccer scissors.  I am SO EXCITED for her + Waverly to be together next year, I just know how much Waverly will take care of her and it gives me all the feels already.

And Remerie Rue, still way too young for school but I must include how much her vocabulary has exploded the past few months.  She is a late talker (probably because she has never been able to get a word in!) but our pediatrician said she would have a word explosion and that certainly has been the case, I have loved being at home to be front and center for it!  Current most used words are bird, baby, dog and of course mama/dada, always my favorite.

And now, SUMMER!!!!  Hoping the weather gets the memo soon, it’s been cold + rainy this week and we are ready for sunshine.  Sending some your way too! XO

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