Joy to the Jumparoo

I have previously posted of my realization on the importance of baby swings, toys, and pretty much any of the other baby gear that now cover the floors of my home.  (Really, to say our house has as many baby products as the local daycare would be an understatement).  We are completely stocked, locked & loaded … although getting to that point was certainly an adjustment.  I admit that I am OCD, crave organization, and despise clutter.  These are all qualities that have made it slightly difficult to make way for all that has come with our baby girl, but I have quickly learned that I must learn to cope.  Each product has its own purpose, and is certainly worth it when crunch time comes and Waverly Maye is a little fussy.  (Yes, our perfect girl does have her moments, believe it or not!!!).

The latest baby apparatus to adorn our living room floor is the Jumparoo.  I was lucky to have been given ours by a friend of a family member, although I didn’t realize how lucky I was at the time.  In fact, if I’m 100% honest … I wasn’t too keen on the bright, rather large piece of equipment that didn’t match the rest of our home decor.  However, after seeing Waverly’s huge smile as she jumped up and down when placed in it – the Jumparoo hasn’t moved since.  And it definitely won’t be anytime soon.  It’s funny how quickly things can change.

Fisher- Price Jumparoo – Available at Babies’R’Us for $99.99.  Yes, not the most fashionable decor for your home … but TOTALLY worth it.  I was actually able to completely unload the dishwasher last night while Waverly played in this apparatus.  Not sure when I was able to do this (at one time) last. 

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