I Promise to Be Better …

This “belly blogging” adventure hasn’t turned out to be quite as easy as my first experience as a blogger was.  At first thought, it would seem that attempting to journal daily while planning a wedding would be the bigger challenge of the two.  For those 18 months – I was tasked with finding the time to sit down at my computer in between catering appointments, DJ lists, and endless DIY projects.  Currently, in my new state of mind, sitting down isn’t the problem.  In fact, I don’t know that I have spent this much time sitting in one place since my days as a college student at Radford University.  But with the new recent physical demands that my precious little baby bean have placed on my body … I have found it slightly difficult to use my limited energy to update my blog as often as I previously did.
However, I have personally vowed to myself to make a bigger effort to visit Mrs. BB’s Belly Blog.  I know how much I value having my wedding journey blogged and therefore know how invaluable this written record would be, too.  And this particularly rainy Saturday afternoon seemed like the ideal opportunity to start – especially since I was not jolted out of bed at 5 this morning by the sound of my screeching alarm clock – and therefore have a little extra pep in my step.
So as of now, the update on Baby Brickner is certainly a positive one.  I had my second appointment, which was a success as we heard a strong heartbeat and got a thumbs up from the doctor.  And as previously stated, I still am yet to feel my complete 100% self, which my baby books all say is a good sign.  As time progresses (and my belly does, too) – I find myself getting more and more anxious for July.

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