Holiday Odds & Ends

Now that Christmas has come & gone, I have enough pictures to fit a couple of photo albums (surprised?) and could most likely recount the experience in a short novel.  But since even I am not “Christmas crazed” enough to do either of the two, a couple of posts will have to suffice. 

I had previously posted regarding my Holiday Bucket List – the list of holiday-related experiences, traditions, and family fun that I wanted to make happen this year.  I am pleased to report that I accomplished almost every single one.
That one we didn’t get to?  The holiday movie.  It seems I am too ADD to sit down for an entire film these days, and Waverly Maye’s short attention span obviously isn’t any better.  We will try again next year on that one.

Since I’m now officially a Mom, two of the traditions that I wanted to start with my own family were the elves (check!) & the tablecloth.  The Eve of Christmas Eve we started the Brickner Family Christmas Tablecloth. 

This one is my parents – almost completely full as they have been adding to it every year!

 We put Waverly’s “mistletoes” on both my parents tablecloth & our own.

 The start to our tablecloth – Can’t wait to add on to it each year!

Our Ornament Exchange Night Followed our Tablecloth/Ornament Creating/Cookie Baking Day.
New Mom & Dad Ornaments 🙂

 And of course, a festive outfit for Miss Waverly Maye.  Headband is Mudpie, Onesie is H&M, Skirt is from Kohls.

   The last gift that Ellie & her Elves brought to Waverly was her PJs for Christmas Eve.  Here is the last Elf Poem for 2012
 Today’s the last day, but please don’t be sad,
Santa’s coming tomorrow, it will be the most fun you’ve had.
He tells us you’ve been nothing but nice this year,
Bringing your mom and dad lots of joy & cheer,
These holiday jammies are for you to wear to bed tonight,
When you see what Santa brings, we know you will smile bright.

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