Holiday Happenings

In an effort to continue my quest to take advantage of every moment of this holiday season, our little family participated in two jovial events since I have shared last. 
(Haha … I don’t know that my husband would consider either event exactly jovial.  I don’t know that he exactly understands my need for these “holiday happenings” when she is so young and, in his words, “won’t remember any of it.”  However, he is being a good sport about it all.  He knows who he married.)
On Sunday evening, we drove down to see the holiday lights at the oceanfront.  I must admit that the original plan was to go to the Botanical Gardens (a farther drive from our house, but are supposed to be a MUCH better lights show.)  However, after getting Waverly dressed in her festive Outfit #7, packing the diaper bag with Sophie, two pacifiers, an adundant supply of diapers/wipes just in case, esc. … and then getting her into the car seat; plans quickly changed and we ended up at the lights show less than five minutes from our house. 
(I must note that we have adjusted & accepted that this is life now.  And furthermore, that we are totally ok with it.)
Yes, it was the same show we have seen over five times before, but we had our little elf with us this time.  As soon as we paid and got the traditional CD with holiday tunes to play as we drove through the “winter wonderland,” I pulled Waverly Maye out of her seat and showed her the bright lights on either side of the car.  It was definitly an enchanting moment; although it only lasted for about five minutes.  That was until she cried her “hunger cry” and ended up breastfeeding through the majority of the lights show. 
At least we tried.  And that five minutes watching her excitement of her surroundings was totally worth it.
 EVENT #2 …..
I will share tomorrow.  In the meantime, a photo of our Waverly Maye before our trip to the lights show.
Cutest Elf Ever.
Entire outfit is from Zulily.


  1. December 11, 2012 / 9:24 pm

    That outfit is my favorite outfit I've seen this entire holiday season! OMG it's cute!

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