Holiday Essentials

My series of seasonal posts continues today with my list of Holiday Essentials.  While I am pretty sure I have made it clear that I do believe this to be the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year,” long gone are the days when I used to wait until the week of Christmas to give a thought to my short holiday to-do list.   This year, as a mom, life is more hectic than ever (even though I am sure that I bring on 90% of these new “to-dos” myself.  I just can’t help myself.  All of this “festiveness” is just too much fun.)  Nevertheless, these are my no-fail items which I have found are getting me through this 2012 holiday season.
1:  Olivia Claus Book;  I have been reading books to Waverly since she was born, but it hasn’t been until recently that she has become more interested.  Unless it is one of those “meltdown-kind-of-nights,” (which totally happens) … I read to her before her bath as part of a bedtime routine.  So obviously this month, I have kept them holiday-themed.  We love Olivia. 
2:  Sequins for Mommy;  Although WAY less time, energy, & thought goes into my wardrobe these days … some things never change.  I always love sequins this time of year and can’t resist a couple of new festive additions to the wardrobe.
3:  Onsies for Baby;  So this is where my real fashion focus is these days.  While Waverly Maye has more holiday ensembles than any little baby girl would need, what I have found most helpful is this basic set of onsies from Carter’s.  They are perfect to pair with her more elaborate designs, fit perfectly, and are super comfy.
4:  Baby Holiday CD; Another essential to get into a magical mood this season.  Waverly LOVES music already and it is our “go-to” when getting her to sleep (the girl already is into the Ipod … I am in serious trouble).  And of course, the Christmas theme is yet another one to add to the joy of the season.
5:  Bath & Body Works 3-Wick Balsam Candle:  We don’t get a real tree (I know … it’s horrible and not in the Christmas spirit AT all … but I can’t stand the mess.  I am truly planning on taking one for the team and doing it next year for Waverly’s sake.)  The next best thing to the Christmas tree smell is this candle.  I love a good candle and this is definitely one.
6:  Kraft Wrapping Paper:  I have been using Kraft Wrapping Paper since my wedding, and love the look of it.  It is cute, simple & classic … and just enough to make the gifts stand out.  And with the touch of a metallic ribbon or polka dot bow – perfection.
And now for Waverly’s outfit #17 in her Chic Countdown to Fashion.  Even though we don’t get a real tree at our house, we still go with my family to pick one out for theirs.  Of course, Waverly got dressed in her red & green for the occasion.

Waverly is wearing an outfit from Mudpie, headband from Etsy, and hat from Zulily.

Lastly, I am sure I am like most moms who have been holding their kids extra close since Friday’s tragedy in CT.  My heart breaks for those families who have experienced such a great loss and certainly won’t be celebrating Christmas this year.  I won’t be posting tomorrow as I will be joining a group of bloggers who are doing the same.  While I wish I could do more, I will be continuing to think of all of those affected.

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