Hello, February!

January felt approximately 4976 days long, I hardly ever wish for time to speed up, but I am definitely not mad about the fresh start that this new month brings, especially since it has a fun holiday + brings us one month closer to school being out and SUMMER!!!  Before we move on though, I wanted to share some fun photos from our January, along with a few of our favorite memories!

We took the girls ice skating, Waverly has been a few times but this was Avalon’s first time and she loved it!  The girls personalities are very different, Waverly is a perfectionist and gets frustrated (angry) if she doesn’t get something the first try, and Avalon really could care less.  They were both super cute though, I am loving this as a yearly tradition over our holiday break!

Remerie’s first time with her little toes in the sand — SWEETEST thing ever!!!!   She is still so little but strong, and can stand with the big girls holding her hands now, they love to do this and fight over her all the time!  I am also loving mornings with her, Waverly + Avalon jump in the crib with her and get the biggest, sweetest smiles.  It is definitely her favorite time of the day.

If you have followed along long enough, you know we started celebrating half-birthdays when Waverly was just six months old.  Avalon was halfway to FOUR at the beginning of December + Waverly halfway to SEVEN (SO CRAZY!) over the weekend, so we did a cake and sang and even though it was completely last-minute, it was fun to celebrate them.

We look out the window every morning hoping for snow, it’s been cold enough here but nothing yet which is of course, because I actually have snow gear for everyone for the first year ever. Hoping something comes our way soon, we always love just one snowfall a year and I would especially love to dress Remie up as a little snowbunny for her first winter!

Farewell to the first month of 2019 and HELLO FEBRUARY!  XO

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