Hello, 2020!

A fresh new start for a new year, I always feel so motivated + energized for all the things right after the holidays and this time around I am definitely feeling all of that (maybe more than ever before!).  2019 was good to us in so many ways, by far my favorite part was how many beautiful memories we were able to make as a family of five and with our sweet girls. One of the advantages of seven years between Waverly + Remerie is a constant reminder of how fast time goes, it makes it so much easier to not stress so much about the small stuff and to really soak in all the goodness.  We also were able to settle more into our home, complete lots of house projects + have really fallen in love with our neighborhood more than ever.

Like any year, 2019 also brought its challenges.  We are still navigating life with three kids, we have mostly figured out how to balance life with a second grader, preschooler + a baby but of course there are moments that I feel like I am in survival mode.  I have been a mama long enough to know that these challenges will go + will be replaced with new ones 😉 but as we head into a new year, a huge goal for me is to make even more intentional experiences for our babes and traditions for us as a family.  More one on one time when possible + more special moments tailored to their sweet little personalities.  One of my biggest plans for the year is to forgo birthday parties for special trips/experiences that they each get to pick, I am already looking forward to this so much!

Also, I don’t talk about it much on the blog, but am still trying to find the best working mom balance for me.  I looooooove my schedule as a teacher and am so thankful for it, but have struggled with some of the career decisions I have made (which has been the greatest life lesson) + and am hoping the future will bring a new opportunity in the schools.  This is something we have talked about for a while and that I have worked really hard towards, I am working hard to stay hopeful and optimistic!  I want to also continue to pursue my creative passions, in style, design + photography.  I am not really sure how this will look or even if I will do much more until my kids are older, but I do know that this sort of thing brings me joy + something that is all my own, and I am the biggest believer that all mamas deserve that.

All in all, I get another year of life + learning, these sweet girls + their daddy — I am just so thankful for it.

Happiest 2020 to you, hope it brings you all the happiness! XO

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