Heartburn for HER …

As many others who have come before me and therefore know very well, there are numerous not-so-pleasant side effects of pregnancy.  The joys certainly outweigh any negativity, but the downsides are definitely there and cannot be ignored.  I consider them a part of the initation to motherhood – a trial period that comes in advance to being a part of a special club that only those who are members seem to understand.
The latest symptom that I have had to embrace is heartburn.  I must admit, it wasn’t until the last couple of days that I realized what it actually felt like.  I thought heartburn was a pain in your heart (hence the name?!) – so the extreme pain/burning I have experienced in my chest and throat seemed foreign to me until my pregnancy blogs told me otherwise.  And just as the face breakouts, extra fluid, and frequent urination side effects before – it will most likely get worse before better.
NOT that I am complaining.  It is totally worth it for her  – which, by the way, I am reminded about everytime I feel the joy of a kick caused by the life growing inside me each day.  I just want to record it so I remember every minute of this pregnancy to tell her all about one day.

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