Healthy Lifestyles with Tidewater Bariatrics

First, thank you all for your sweet & supportive comments on my new business and job.  It means so much and I am forever thankful for a community of women who builds each other up and is so inspiring.  Who runs the world?!  GIRLS. 🙂
Today the talk is all on weight-control, something that as women I think we can all relate to.  No matter your situation or body type, most of us have had issues with weight at some point, even if we don’t talk about it because really, who likes to admit it?!  I recently mentioned my own background, most of my struggles came during college when I payed little attention to what I ate and the only exercise I did was walking to the nearest frat party.  After graduating weighing more than I did when either Waverly or Avalon was born, I decided to completely change my lifestyle.  And it paid off.  There really was no magic to it, I just made a conscious decision to eat healthy and be more active, and it’s really made the biggest difference it not only how I look, but how I feel.  
I’m so excited to share a Virginia business with you guys today, one that you don’t have to be local to take advantage of!  Tidewater Bariatrics is a clinic founded by Dr. Margaret Gaglione, Internist and Bariatrician, that has individualized programs to meet weight loss needs.  Those of you in the Hampton Roads area who are interested and who have weight to lose would be able to meet with a clinic nurse & then Dr. Gaglione to determine which program is best suited for you.  You can find more about this here, there are so many great programs & also testimonials behind them that are both amazing and inspiring.
AND they also have an at-home program that anyone in the US can order from!  These foods are designed for people who want to lose weight but are also great for those who just want to maintain a healthy diet, I tried them many of them after a trip to visit the clinic and loved them!  For me, more than anything, I struggle finding the time to make something healthy, or even some days, just time to eat. 😉 I loved that the foods provided on their site were easy and quick, two of my main requirements!  I know all of you other mamas can relate.
  The shakes were one of my favorite things that I tried, probably because I have a sweet tooth and I love chocolate!!  They were easy to make and a great option for a quick breakfast to take with me on a preschool run, I am always looking for something like that since those days are just crazy.  They also have hot cereal and granola bars, which are totally my jam, they keep me going and when all else fails, they always pull through.  These were great!  
I tried one of their dinner entrees, and you guys, it took one minute to cook!!!!  Now that is something I can work with.  We sometimes have those nights when there has got to be a full moon because the girls are just cray and it’s been the longest day ever and I seriously don’t have one ounce of energy left to make something for myself.  Anyone else?  Well this was the best option for that, yummy, quick, and I knew it was still healthy.  Win, win & win! 🙂

If you are interested in trying some of their products, you can order anywhere from the US by clicking on this site!

And Hampton Roads locals who are in need of something more personalized, you can visit their clinic in Chesapeake, Dr. Gaglione and her staff are so incredibly sweet and I know you will love them just as much as I did.  The biggest thank you to them for having me, I was honored to be a part of such an incredible and inspiring organization.

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  1. April 12, 2016 / 1:46 pm

    Supporting other women is so important and I love that about the blog community. <3 !

    A one minute healthy and delicious meal, sounds amazing.

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