Happy Six Months, Delilah June!

Our Delilah June is SIX MONTHS old, this time last year we were just finding out that we were actually going to have that fourth baby that I dreamt about for so long + now she is here and I cannot imagine a life without her.  Life with four kids is definitely crazy and I haven’t been able to update on her as much as her sisters, but she is such a little sweetheart that I know she will forgive me one day and completely understand 😉

Sweet little Delilah.  She is pure happiness and light.  We don’t think we have ever had such a smiley or chatty baby as her, she just constantly radiates joy and wants to use her voice to “chat” with everyone around her.  She loves bath time (her favorite time of day since she was just a few weeks old), being held, a good warm bottle, + her big sisters.  She really doesn’t like being without someone very close to her and I guess that’s a good thing because when you are the fourth kid, you never really have to.  She is definitely the current house favorite, I look at how much my three older girls adore her and it’s really one of the very best parts of having a big family.

Last week she hit the DOUBLE DIGITS (10.1 pounds!), she has close to tripled her weight since birth and is absolutely perfectly healthy.  Such an answered prayer.  She is still tiny for her age since she started out small, but growing just like she should now that she is on the outside, and meeting all of her milestones.  My pregnancy with her was so incredibly stressful + I am so, so glad it’s behind us, but I truly believe the silver lining in it was the perspective it gave me.  I used to get so sad when when my other girls were growing what felt like all too fast, and now after praying + hoping for the little babe inside me to just grow week after week for the entire second half of my pregnancy, I realize what a gift it is to be able to watch our babies grow.  That’s exactly what we want them to do, and I am sooooo grateful to be able to watch our Delilah girl do just that.

Some favorite pictures of Delilah from her first six months, she is such a doll!!  We think she looks like the sweetest little mix of all three of her big sisters, with the brightest blue eyes of all four of them (one of my favorite features of hers!!).  HAPPY half birthday Delilah, we love you so!!!

And for a fun comparison, all three of my other girls at six months — Waverly, Avalon + Remie Rue!

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