Happy Seven, Waverly Maye!

Our Waverly Maye is SEVEN!  Seven whole years of the girl who made me a mama, what a wild, beautiful ride it has been!  Of course I have alllll the feelings about her being so big, it really does go by way too fast + there are so many parts of me that would love to go back and relive it all again — but what a joy it is to see the little lady she has become.  To this day she is the one who can drive me to the brink of crazy and melt my heart into a puddle, all within seconds.

A little bit about seven year old Waverly Maye, our girliest girl who reminds me more of myself all of the time.  She loves a good routine, is a perfectionist, can forever be found writing notes + drawing pictures for us all around the house, and lays out her outfits for the next day almost every single night.  One of my favorite things about her is how she truly puts 110% into whatever she is doing, it can be the most random little thing, but she gets SO EXCITED for it and lives for it.  She is always looking forward to the next holiday or someone’s birthday, and will spend hours putting together a special gift for someone (usually by placing one of my random household objects, like a stapler, in bag covered with tissue and drawings and ribbon!).

She loooooves to dance, to watch the news with me in the morning, and was absolutely born to be a big sister.  Really there are few things I am prouder of her about than how good she is to Avalon + Remerie, of course there are moments that her and Avalon fight (lots of them!), but she really is so good to her little sisters.  The other day she told me that “she loves Remie so much she cannot stand it” and then last week Avalon was getting upset in their room before bedtime and I found Waverly bent down wiping her eyes and holding her hand.

This year she learned Spanish from her immersion program in the first grade, started swim team + loved it, and made a ton of new friends in our new neighborhood and school.  She also found at least 58203 items that she wanted to buy (can find something she loves anywhere), had sass for DAYS, and tested her limits at least 2.56 million times, buuuuut is definitely finally coming around to taming that big personality. 😉 Truly to know her is to love her + goodness WE DO.

Some of my favorite photos of her from the past year.

The night before last, after I tucked her in for her last night as a six-year old, I came back a little bit later and found a note she had written to herself, sitting next to her bed, “HAPPY 7th BIRDAY WAVERLY MAYE BRICKNER”. 🙂

Happiest birthday to my baby girl from mama, I love you foreeeeever! XO

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