Happy One, Delilah June!!

Our Delilah June turned ONE on Mother’s Day this past weekend!  Her very first birthday falling on what is already such a special day for me felt so sweet + so incredibly perfect, she is truly my little dream come true.  For years I could not shake the feeling that there was one more person waiting to join our family and it turns out it was her all along.  Our tiny miracle, our cherry on top, our happily ever after.  We just all love her so much.

A few things about our Delilah girl at ONE YEAR OLD!!!  She loves her people.  She probably has the most stranger danger of all my girls and always wants to be close to someone she knows well, especially her mama.  She is my first true mama’s girl through + through, I like to think it’s because we went through so much together during my pregnancy 🙂 We spend a lot of time with her in the carrier or with me just carrying her close, I think that would have felt overwhelming with my first baby but this time I know how fast it goes.  She adores her sisters, they make her laugh the hardest + she always is watching them to see everything they are doing.  And one of the very best parts of this year with her has been how much her sister adore her too.  Remie is obsessed with her and was made to be a big sister, and Waverly + Avalon are forever just the sweetest big sissies and are even more little “mother hens” this time around than they even were before.

Delilah is FOUR times the size she was at birth, I look back on pictures of her at just four pounds the week we brought her home and I can’t even remember her being so small.  She has done so much better on the outside than in (an answered prayer), and is 100% perfectly healthy.  She is crawling like crazy, pulling up, says mama + dada, and has the cutest little laugh in the world.  Most days I think she looks like Avalon the most but I also see all of her sisters in her, and her bright blue eyes might just be the bluest of all four girls.  I could stare at her forever, I still cannot believe she is real + that we get to keep her.

Some favorites from this past year.

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