Happy @ the Hospital?

I realize that it sounds completely crazy for someone to be happy at a hospital … ´╗┐especially when that someone is me, a girl who hates needles, blood, and pretty much anything to do with the medical field.
But these days, as previously posted, my thoughts/hobbies/priorities are certainly evolving … and  my desires to visit the doctor are no exception.  I have found myself actually looking forward to my doctor’s appointments, at the direct result of an opportunity to get a glimpse at our little bean and also an update on her progress.  And lately, Mr. BB & I are actually voluntarily visiting the hospital (in which we will deliver!) each Thursday night to attend a birth class.
Last night’s class was one we were both extra excited for – as it was the night we got our of the birthing center at the hospital.    THE hospital that we will welcome our little girl at in less than two months.  It definitely made it feel more real, especially when we saw two newborn babies who had come into the world just minutes before in the nursery.
Even though there are lots of “to-do’s” to check off my list before the REAL trip to the hospital will take place, it is safe to safe that I will definitely be happy to be at a hospital that day.

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