Happy Four, Remie Rue!

Aaah, our sweet Remie Rue is FOUR!  She is the last of all our girls to have her special day during our “birthday season” + she has waited so patiently for her special day, I looooved celebrating her this weekend so very much.  She requested a baby doll party, she has always loved baby dolls but loves them even more now that Delilah is here.  A true little mama, she loves changing + feeding her dolls, just like I do with her baby sis.

This has been such a big year for her, becoming a big sister and really growing to become one of the big girls.  She loves to read, to color, and is her daddy’s biggest helper in the addition.  She is a mix of sweet + sassy, always giving someone a hug when they need it most but also definitely lets you know when she’s not happy (she has always been this way!), and used to be a little shy but has mostly grown out of this and will talk anyone’s ear off now 🙂 Definitely a Brickner sister.  This week she started a new preschool for Pre-K and I was so nervous about how she would do, when I came to pick her up she was smiling ear to ear and couldn’t stop telling me about what a fun day she had.

Some photos from the past year, she still looks like her daddy the most and just kills me with her cuteness.  Stay little forever, my girl.

Happy four Remie girl, we love, love, love you!!!!!  So excited to see where this year takes you.

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