Halloween @ Our House

Although I am hesitant to admit this, Halloween has never ranked in one of my favorite holidays throughout the year. While I certainly love a festive gathering, and pretty much any excuse to celebrate, I have never been one of those people who count down the days to the end of October. I assume my aversion to the Halloween holiday could be due to my extreme fashion obsession, as I would rather wear a cute outfit from Forever 21 than dress up as Dorothy or a sexy bumblebee (although I have been known to have a few creative costumes in my 28 years … ).
However, after becoming a mom to my sweet Waverly Maye, my feelings towards October 31st have quickly changed. This year, I couldn’t wait to take my sweet girl to the pumpkin patch, to carve a pumpkin that represented her, and to dress her up in what would be the first costume of many to come (I am pretty sure I have been dreaming about it since the second trimester of my pregnancy). And although she won’t remember this first official holiday since she was born, I am obviously fully it so she can look back and see exactly all it entailed.
Waverly’s First Trip to the Pumpkin Patch (Previously Posted).
Waverly’s Outfit to Carve Pumpkins for the first time!!  Onsie, leggings, and hat are Carters;  Socks are Mudpie!
A “W” for Waverly Maye!
Waverly’s First Halloween Costume:  A Candy Corn!  Waverly’s grandmother, Bella, made it for her.  The yarn for the entire outfit & hat were purchased at Micheal’s for under $10.00.  I added a white long-sleeve onsie from Carters. a white pair of tights from Target, and of course, created a bow with ribbon.

Mommy & Her Candy Corn!

Waverly’s Diaper Cover is from Mudpie – purchased at a cosignment shop in Virginia Beach.

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