Halloween 2019

This Halloween was probably my favorite ever.  It was the first time our three got to trick or treat together + also the first time we really got celebrate the holiday in our new neighborhood since last year Remie was still so little.  We did our annual chili for the parents and pizza for the kids, the girls were so excited to have their little friend Lincoln come trick or treat with them and to have the grandparents come by to see their costumes!!  We took our golf cart through the streets, had the beeeest weather for trick or treating we have ever had, and probably the highlight — watched little Remie Rue walk up to each house with a lollipop in one hand, and her hat + bucket in the other.  It might have taken her forever to get to each house, but she did and it was seriously one of the cutest things I have ever seen in my life.

Some pictures I took of our Rockford Peaches a few days before Halloween, growing up in a baseball family this costume was just soooooo special to me!

Waverly loves sports (and was so excited to be the only kid in her class that knew who was playing in the World Series last week) and per usual, Avalon Elle was just in it for the candy. 🙂  Love these three so much + love these special moments with them!

PS!  Also wanted to share a few photos from the weekend before, we dressed the girls up for the Boo Zoo + Halloween at the Aquarium.  Waverly wanted to be a cheerleader, Avalon was happy to wear her baseball costume a couple more times, and I picked up a lion costume for Remerie because her hair color just reminds me of a little lion!!!  I am honestly relieved to not have to dress them up anymore for a while, but it really is so freaking cute and I will miss these days SO MUCH when I cannot dress up my kids anymore.

Happy week ahead, hope your Halloween was the best ever! XO

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