Halfway to Four + Seven

Somehow I will have a four and seven year old before this year is over, where has the time gone?!  I always feel like the girls are so big, but then I look back at a photo from a few months before and + see how little they were and how much they have already changed since then, and realize that they really are still little.  So I am just trying to fully embrace the days with tiny humans in our home, this crazy season of life that is exhausting and wonderful all at the same time.  And trying my best to take the time to document it along the way, I LOVE looking back at old update posts of the girls and also am starting to share the posts with them, too — Waverly especially is so into seeing old photos and hearing stories of when she was “younger”. 🙂

Waverly Maye, six years + two months.  My mini me, she definitely looks the most like me of all three girls and in a lot of ways reminds so much of myself, too.  She feels all the feels, all of the time, is either 110% happy and acting like an absolute angel or the complete opposite.  She is so intuitive, she picks up on what she can get away with really quickly and will alwaysssss test her limits.  She also is such a lover, she just loves people in general and her happiness is contagious, I love going to visit her at school and seeing how she literally knows everyone’s name.  She is always excited about something, the next holiday or even just the weather, and gets so into spirit days at school and dressing up festive for pretty much anything.  Dancing is her favorite, she will perform all day long if you let her and she loves being the center of attention.  Her favorite colors are pink, purple and gold, her great-grandfather’s potatoes are her favorite food, she loves to write in journals, is a hoarder of all the things, and she was BORN TO BE A BIG SISTER.  I have said it forever, she drives me crazy, but I also am beyond crazy in love with her.

Avalon Elle, three years & nine months.  The sweetest child you will ever meet in your entire life — she is also sensitive, a little shy, so silly, and totally has the same sass her big sister does (she just ONLY shows it at home with us, her teachers would never believe this).  Three has definitely been harder than two was, but she is generally just an easy child in general and is so much fun to be around.  She loves Peppa Pig, balls, the color blue, sweets, and doesn’t love to sleep — she gave up naps the minute she turned three and is almost always talking to herself (in the sweetest little voice) way after Waverly is sound asleep in their room. She is all about being “cozy” and will beg to be in pajamas + slippers the minute we walk into the house, and gives everything “a kiss + a hug”, even her t-shirts before they go into the laundry. 😉  She is the sweetest big sister to Remerie, I never worried about her transitioning at all, I knew she would just adore her + it’s just been the cutest thing ever to watch.  She’s just the best and if I could keep her bottled up this age forever, I definitely would.

They argue all of the time but also are the best of friends, I try to remind them how lucky they are to have each other (and Remerie, who will be running around with them in no time), sisterhood is just SO SPECIAL.  Happiest half-birthday (a little late) to my darling girls, I love you forever + ever. XO



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