Half-Birthday Season

It’s that time of year when all three of my girls celebrate their halfbirthdays, one after another.  Sometimes I regret starting this tradition back when Waverly Maye was six months old (because there is 0% chance any of them would give it up now, they reaaaaally love that spotlight a second day of the year 😉 )– but mostly I love any chance to celebrate and make an ordinary day extra fun, especially during these crazy Covid times.  We always bake a cake + cut it in half and sing, except this year Waverly chose ice cream instead since cake really isn’t her favorite.  This is also always such a good reminder to update on my girls at their current ages, hands down my favorite posts to write, and the ones I know I will cherish forever.

Waverly Maye, eight + a half, third grade.  My mini me forever.  She looks the most like me + has so many of my traits, especially the type-A ones which equally drive me crazy and make me smile all of the time.  She thrives off a good routine, craves organization, doesn’t like anything out of place, and loves a good matching outfit or celebration.  She loves to dance and has recently become a really good artist, her favorite tv show is either Fixer Upper or Flip or Flop and she walks around the house planning new projects we can do.  She is a natural oldest child, loves to take the lead + run the show with her little sisters, but also loves to spend time outside making up stories and riding her bike all alone.  She’s so big now (less than two years from fifth grade!!) but also always my baby, I am so proud of the big girl she is becoming.

Avalon Elle, five + a half, kindergarten.  Sweeeeet Avalon Elle.  She is the funniest, listening to her talk is my favorite, both her little accent and her thoughtful stories.  She looks up to Waverly so much and takes care of Remie, the perfect middle sister with the biggest heart — she always will say “you never leave a sister out” and wants to make sure everyone is happy + included.  She  still is (usually!) my most laid-back kid, and I am still so very thankful for that 😉  She is really athletic but also has such a girly side to her, this is pretty new and always takes me by surprise.  Her current favorite color is rainbow, she loves unicorns, and wears a plastic tiara she got for Christmas 99% of the time. She always tells us she wants to be five + live with us forever, this was one of her half-birthday wishes, goodness I love her so.

Remie Rue, two + a half, first year of preschool.   The cutest tiniest human, almost three years later and I am still pinching myself over our surprise girl.  She is such a mix of her two older sisters, she has Waverly’s sass + Avalon’s shy and sweet side, and is so full of joy.  She LOVES school, this was such a relief for me since we have never sent one of our kids anywhere so little, but with Avalon starting kindergarten it seemed to make sense and it’s been the best thing for her!  By far her favorite thing to do is read books, she does this 75% of the day and holds the book out like a teacher.  She still sucks on her same two fingers and plays with her hair with her other hand, she also still looks like her daddy the most and still is SO LOVED by her big sisters!  Our little dream babe, she is just pure gold.

A few recent photos, we were recently gifted these leos + I usually don’t go for pieces so flashy, but they LOVED them just like I knew they would.

My three golden girls, I love you forever + ever!!!! XO


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