Goodbye to Our First Home!

Aaaahhh, it’s our very last day in our very first home!  My husband & I were talking the other night about what a weird feeling it is, in just a couple of days another young family will be putting their groceries away in the pantry (that was our girls favorite hiding spot!) and soap in the bathroom we worked so hard on just a few months back.   Their little ones will be running across the squeaky hardwood floors and through the sliding back door to the backyard, the one that is fenced in after a long summer of my husband doing it entirely by hand.
We bought our house four & a half years ago, after searching for what felt like forever, I still remember the day I drove over with my mom to see it and called my husband at work immediately to tell him I just knew it was the one.  We bought it as a foreclosure, so it needed a ton of work, but we knew we could make it our own and honestly were just so excited to have a ton of space and actually own our own home that we didn’t care about the kind of shape it was in.  Waverly was about to turn one at the time, her & I spent the first couple of months living at my parents house while my husband lived at our new house doing renovations and getting it to the point where we could actually live there.  Which he did, the three of us finally got to move in (best day ever!) and since then have put many long hours of work and SO MUCH love into every single room, hallway, and corner of space we had.  All of it took a lot longer than we had ever planned, our girls were still taking baths in their avocado green bathroom until a few months ago, but ironically I am already positive that it’s that same green bathroom I will look back on and smile about forever.

Our first home will always hold so many of our greatest memories.  It’s where Waverly officially learned to walk & we found out she was going to be a big sister, where we brought a newborn Avalon Elle home from the hospital, and where we celebrated endless birthdays and holidays and game nights and everything in between.  It’s where we really learned to be parents, the good parts and the bad, where we watched our babies grow literally before our eyes, and where most recently, we shared with our family & friends that we were expecting our third baby girl with a bunch of hot pink silly string all over our living room floor.

A photo of the girls in that living room from this week, everything is pretty empty from packing and we’ve had a couple nights of eating dinner on storage totes and blankets.  They think it’s all pretty fun and are super excited to have “sleepovers” at their grandparents house over the next few weeks until our new house is ready.

The biggest thank you to so many of our family and friends who have taken time the past couple of weeks to come over and help us pack, or take the girls for a few hours so we could, or for bringing their own kids over so our kids could play in the backyard with them while we filled storage boxes (and goodwill totes!) with their toys.  It truly takes a village and we are forever thankful for ours!!!  Goodbye, first house, it’s time for a new adventure but we will remember you forever!


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