Glucose Test: Check & PASS

There are MANY aspects of pregnancy that I was not even close to being aware of until the past 7 months.  I admit that I could have listened more intently in my Health/Sex Education classes during school,  but probably had other important things on my mind … such as the cute boy sitting across the room or the prominent thought of what I was going to wear to school the next day.  
(I should teach my daughter to be better than I was.) 
Nevertheless, I am the first of my close friends to be “with-child,” and so I am the guinea pig of the group.  And they are definitely lucky, because I like to write and could definitely write a full-detailed book on some of the new life experiences I have recently faced.  One of those being my recent glucose test to determine whether I had contracted gestational diabetes since becoming pregnant.
As you might have guessed, although I was fully aware of diabetes, I didn’t even know women in pregnancy were more prone to it or that I had to be tested for it before my 28th week.  Furthermore, I certainly didn’t expect to (yet again) be poked and prodded with a needle, to be asked to drink a highly sugary drink in less than five minutes, and (TO TOP IT OFF!) – not eat eight hours before or the hour you sat there after.
But … it’s all for my little girl.  And so, just as the previous tasks that I have been subjected to since finding out the big news in November, I (obviously) had my husband come along for moral and emotional support – and headed to Virginia Beach General Hospital with a smile on my face.
The bad news?  The hour was pretty brutal.  An empty stomache BEFORE pregnancy was not ideal for me, and DURING pregnancy – pretty much unbearable.  And since I lost my sweet tooth with the arrival of a baby in my belly, a sugary drink + no food = NOT FUN!
But the good news?  Mr. BB took me to Beach Bagel immediatly afterwards for one of my recent favorite snacks, a yummy, toasty, egg & cheese bagel. 
And the BEST news?  My doctor called two days later to inform me that I PASSED and will not be subjected to the three hour test.  CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE?

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