Fourth of July Weekend

Aaah, I cannot believe the fourth of July has already come + gone!  We had the best holiday weekend, even though this year looked a little different we were still able to manage most of our favorite traditions and right now even the simplest of those feel extra special.  A small parade, time at our neighborhood pool, a cookout with family + some sparklers, all the wonderful things!!!  By the end of the day Remerie was way too exhausted to see any fireworks and it turns out Avalon Elle (who is not scared of anything) suddenly had a fear of loud noises and I had to hide inside with her during all of the fireworks in our neighborhood, but all in all the BEST DAY.

Waverly said her favorite part was late night fireworks with dad (she felt like such a big girl!), Avalon loved ALL the sweets + swimming at the pool, and little Remie Rue was so precious riding in the wagon in her first parade.  Love these little American girls so much.

They get it from their mama, both my big girls woke up July 5th asking when the next holiday is, we are sad to wait until October for another big one but have lots of birthdays to celebrate before then so that will get us through. 😉 We hope your holiday was the best! XO

**Last year’s Fourth of July post is here + the year before is here, and 2017 is here.  Cannot believe how LITTLE they were!

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