Fourth of July 2019

Happy July!  Sharing some favorite photos from our Fourth of July weekend, we had a fun, festive + BUSY few days — kind of still recovering, but it’s always worth it.

The big girls are at really fun ages for the Fourth, they both loved the parades and especially riding their bikes they had decorated around our neighborhood.  Waverly finally loved the fireworks and wasn’t scared at all (six years later!) + Avalon was still nervous but was happy to sit in our living room and watch through the window.  One of our neighbors did the most amazing lights show, which was perfect since there was no chance we would be making it to the beach at 9pm with Remerie still so young.

Remie was precious as ever – her last first holiday! – and even though it’s hard to push through skipped naps on days like these, she had so much fun.  She was able to watch Waverly + Avalon do sparklers in the yard before her bedtime and got to have some graham crackers from their s’mores.  I kept thinking to last year’s holiday when she was still kicking in my belly, I still cannot believe she is real + here + doing all the things with her big sisters.  Watching them together is my favorite.

Both Waverly + Avalon said that “this was the best fourth ever” – Avalon probably because of all the candy she got to eat and Waverly because she got too stay up so late. 🙂  These are the best days, already looking forward to next years!

We hope you + yours had the most wonderful day! XO




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