Fourth & Final.

Big news over here, BABY NUMBER FOUR is on the way!!!  I still cannot believe that this is our reality, even though one more baby was always a deep down hope for me, I truly never thought it would actually happen.  Our sweet little bonus baby, it feels so, so special.

Joe & I both come from families with four kids, so we always laughed that we would follow along but when it came to the actual time for that, all the practical and “responsible” reasons pointed to stopping as our family of five.  I had gone into my pregnancy with Remie mentally preparing myself that she was probably our last, and honestly felt so genuinely happy with life with our three girls that most of the time I really felt we could be complete.  Yet there was always this feeling deep down that I couldn’t give up, even when I really wanted to, so we never completely closed the door even though as time has kept moving on it looked more & more like we would do life as a family of five.

This summer we had a few more very real conversations about it, and I so badly wanted to feel at peace with whatever decision we made, so I hoped & hoped for a sign of what we should do.  And just a couple months later, even though we weren’t trying, I got my sign — the strongest feeling I had ever had that I was pregnant.  Even with three prior pregnancies, that feeling had never happened before and definitely not nearly as clearly.  Sure enough, that night, I got a very faint positive test super early, right before I was even three weeks along.  I was so shocked, I took five more pregnancy tests that week — all positive, each line darker than the last.  Truly the sign I was waiting for, I just never knew it would come so clearly. 🙂

So here we are, it’s about 9 weeks later.  We took some time to process what a huge change this will be for all of us, and we still have so many of those practical things to figure out, but really all that matters is that we know we have a LOT of love to give.  Joe & I told our girls a few weeks ago, it was one of the sweetest moments of my life.  Waverly cried tears of joy and said “I feel like I am dreaming”.  Me too, girl. 

We are all so excited to get to do this one more time, and to officially complete our family with the baby who we can’t help but feel was always meant to be. Baby B FOUR, due early June 2022 (three days before Avalon’s birthday, our fourth summer babe!).

So, so, so excited to meet our littlest love!

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