Fourteen Month Update

Stats:  Since we haven’t had an appointment this month, we are guessing 22 lbs. & 28 inches. 
Currrent Words & Other Milestones:  Dada is definitely the most used word of the moment (momma is a little bit jealous!), along with momma, bye-bye, mine, Bogger (our dog, which she calls every dog!), and a new words … hi, ice, no & uh-oh!  Other milestones include climbing up anything & everything and shrieking out of pure excitement.  This girl has NO fear and will dunk her head in water, run so fast it makes me nervous, and can climb up an entire set of stairs at the jungle gym.  She is officially a wild woman, and I have a feeling there is no turning back! 🙂


Teeth & Sleep:  We are at four teeth!  They are oh so cute & we can see two more on the way.  Her sleep is still about the same, sleeping from 7:30 PM to about 7 AM the following morning.  We are down to one solid nap a day, which varies between mid-morning and afternoon.

Favorite Foods:  Pasta, pasta & MORE pasta.  Just like momma, her preference is definitely carbs & she really likes to snack just about all day long.  Other favorites are ice, goldfish, muffins, strawberries, & turkey or chicken.  I have nothing to compare it to, but this baby girl can eat.  The first day we brought her to daycare, her sitter thought we had packed her food for the entire week.  She ate it all that day!  I don’t know where she puts it, I’m pretty sure she eats her weight in food each day.  She must get it from her dad, and I am super jealous.
Favorite Toys & Activities:  Waverly Maye still loves being outside, water, her teepee, wub-nubs, & anything that moves.  Recently, she has become more interested in books & puzzles, which I LOVE!  As previously posted, she loves her dolls & playing with momma’s jewelry.  Yet honestly, are favorite thing to do is to run around endlessly or to open & close our cabinets … both which we didn’t have to buy anything at all for.  As long as she is moving, she is happy.  (Seriously, when I take her to her My Gym with all other babies her age, she is the ONLY one who completely refuses to sit in the swing and instead wants to push the other babies in their swings.  She is also the only one who already taps her feet in her own signature dance.  The girl does not lack for energy or personality.) 
Least Favorite Activities:  Waverly Maye still hates anything that involves being still, which
includes being changed, getting dressed & sitting in the car seat.  And little lady is starting to develop a little sass when something doesn’t go her way, which I honestly think is super cute, for now at least.
Extra Comments:  This month has had definite highs & definite lows.  Leaving Waverly Maye each morning after three months of 24-7 mommy time turned out to be quite the challenge, for her & for me (post to come).  Yet with adjustments aside, this month has brought some of our best moments yet.  Waverly has the brightest, most infectious personality and we can cannot get enough!  She is definitely on the move, but in between her laps around the house, has become so incredibly affectionate and it MELTS my heart.  Her kisses & hugs (which come throughout each day) are really the best feeling & I love this wild child with all of my heartAnd then some.


  1. September 26, 2013 / 5:42 pm

    I found it a major challenge to go back to school this year too…..more so than last year. I guess I was sort of over the newborn stage last year, and ready for some normalcy (my son was born in June, 15 months old now) that getting ready for work and teaching every day would bring. This year was much harder because we had sooooo much fun together all summer!!

    Her moccasins! Are they Minnetonka? I just bought Mace the pair that velcros over the top…..although his feet are soooo fat I have a bit of trouble wiggling his feet in sometimes :)))

    She is adorable:)) I love her outfit.

  2. September 26, 2013 / 7:35 pm

    oh my! that is such a cute outfit! shes a doll!
    and i am OBSESSED with her name!!!! oh my waaaah!

  3. September 30, 2013 / 6:40 pm

    She is precious and that outfit is darling!!!

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