Four Months @ the Pediatrician

Is anyone else slowly getting more & more excited for the upcoming holiday season? 
Other than Thanksgiving being one of the best holidays ever (who doesn’t like a day of eating?), today marks officially one week until BLACK FRIDAY.  My mother, sister, and I have been celebrating this monumental holiday (it is a holiday, right?) for the past four years now.  And that certainly won’t change this year.  We have been finalizing our plans and overall strategy for the last few days, and I look forward to posting more about this significant American celebration soon. 🙂
Other than the obvious anticipation of one of my favorite times of the year, the other big news in our house this week is Waverly Maye’s four month birthday.   After much discussion over whether our calculations were right (Side Note:  Are you supposed to go by weeks or months?  We still aren’t sure.), we decided to go with it and therefore conduct her monthly photo shoot, schedule her four month check-up, and of course, sing her Happy Birthday that morning. 
Waverly hadn’t seen our pediatrician since her two month check-up, which felt like a lifetime after we had been there so often early on.  I was really looking forward to getting an update on her height & weight, and even made a bet with my husband over what the final results would be.  Of course (Mommy Know’s Best!), I was right, and our little peanut is still right at 23 inches (5%) and under 13lbs. (30%).  We were given the green light to start with rice cereal, and I admit that it’s weird … but I am ridiculously excited to watch her facial reactions when we give it to her this weekend.  
The obvious downside to the appointment were the shots.  We opted to have only half, and are going back next week for the rest.  Other than the “no sound” cry (you know the one … ) immediatly after the two sticks, Waverly was perfectly fine and reacted better than I did.  We gave her a dose of Baby Tylenol one hour before the appointment, as recommended by the doctor.  And of course, I put her straight to breastfeeding immediately after the shots and she calmed down so quickly I think she forgot about the whole thing. (I swear, that child can be calmed down from anything by breastfeeding!!  Love it!).
BEFORE shots …

After shots … (And after being fed & forgetting about the shots!) …

And after the shots, being fed, getting dressed again … and totally ready for home & a nap!

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