Four Month Faves

So Waverly’s first four months have literally flown by, and I am really starting to understand what people mean when they ALWAYS tell to cherish each moment (Top comment I have gotten ever since my expanding belly was obvious enough to be a baby bump, and still get at least once daily!).  I  have definitely taken the advice and am cherishing each second with my baby girl.  And as much as I want all ths growing to slow down so she stays my snugly little baby bean forever … I can’t help but love each milestone and watching her grow & develop each day. 
With all these changes that my budding little baby has had lately, we are constantly in need of new products and adapting our daily routine (It still amazes me how much “stuff” a tiny human can require … But I admit I love all that “stuff!”).  Here are our FOUR MONTH FAVORITES!

1 – Taggies Blanket ($9.99; Bed, Bath & Beyond). Waverly is officially a curious, active ball of energy these days … So in other words, we have officially entered the toy stage.  The taggies blanket has loops completely around it so that you can hook a variety of toys on each one.  That way, when she gets bored with one (short attention span), I can turn the blanket and give her another.  It also helps keep her toys in one place. And it’s super soft & comfy!

2 – Bright Starts Lots of Links ($ 4.04; Target).   In keeping with the toy theme, these links are perfect.  They allow you to hook all of those toys around the taggie, and you can also use them to hang toys from your stroller, bassinet, or crib (if she was actually willing to lay in that crib, they would be even better.  But that’s another blog post … ).

3 – Sophie the Giraffe ($21.99; Babies’R’Us).  Ok, so I know I’ve posted about Sophie once before, but we love her so much that she completely deserves a second shout-out.  I don’t know what it is about that little giraffe, but Waverly just loves her …. Loves to eat her, squeeze her, and just hold on to her.  Thank goodness for Sophie.

4 – Wub Nub Pacifier ($13; Amazon).  I admit it … We have given Waverly a pacifier pretty much since she was a week old.  (I realize some don’t agree, but my pediatrician gave me the go and it has been a lifesaver on more than one occasion; I’m definitely not turning back now!).  Since she has gotten older, and is able to grasp on better, she likes it more and more. The Wub Nub combines the pacifier with a soft, cuddly stuffed animal that gives her something to play with and snuggle up to.  She LOVES it, and looks so cute with it, too!

5 – Fenugreek Pills ($9.98; Amazon).  Random, I know, but this one has been a life-changer. Since going back to work, my milk supply has slowly been dwindling … Almost to the point that we had to supplement with formula. But after my doctor suggested these pills, my supply has gone up considerably with each pumping session.  I take two pills each morning and night, and have noticed a significant difference.

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