Five Month Faves

1:  Nuby Softees Hard & Soft Teether Set;  I could have filled this list completely with teething toys, as they are definitely our “go-to” product of the moment.  Waverly eats everything these days (the remote, my IPhone, the side of the table, really nothing is exempt). These are simple & affordable, and keep her completely content.

2:  Bright Starts Lots of Links;  Another product that Waverly Maye can put those cute lips on. These come in a huge pack, so when she drops one (a common occurrence), there are plenty of replacements. These are also great for hanging toys from her car seat, crib, or play mat.

3:  Spectra Dew 350 Pump & Tote; Holy lifesaver!  About one month after returning to work, my milk supply started to deplete.  Heard of living paycheck to paycheck?  We were living milk bag to milk bag.  It was stressful for me, which in turn made my supply go down even more.  After deciding that part of the problem could be the fact that the pump I was using was passed down and had definitely seen better days, we decided to make the investment for a new one.  Best decision ever!  The new pump is faster, lighter, and efficient.  I have now saved up quite the milk supply that I am very proud of.

4:  Bumbo Floor Seat:  I am pretty sure that the Bumbo has made my list of favorites before, but we have been using it this month more than ever so I felt I should include it.  Waverly loves her Bumbo seat and sits in it at least once a day.  I know about the recalls, but I will sit on the floor with her (and her millions of toys) when she is in it so I feel we are safe!  She has also started to sit up on her own now, and I think the Bumbo definitely helped in that development, since it helped give her the opportunity to practice her head & back control.

5:  Balboa Baby High Chair Liner:  So I know Waverly may seem a little young & small to be sitting in high chairs or carts, but she truly likes it so I’m going with it.  I have seen high chair liners before, and for some strange reason, have always thought they were super cute and couldn’t wait to put my own baby in one.  For practical reasons, the liner is great because it props her up since she really is still too small to be in either a high chair or cart.  And also, it is much more sanitary when she is eating the side of the chair or cart.

6:  Boon Flair Pedestal High Chair:  My current favorite product, without a doubt!!!  Santa brought us this fashion-forward high chair and Waverly Maye (and mommy) are super happy with it.  We can easily strap her in, so we are able to use it already even though she is still so young.  And it is so easy to clean, has wheels so you can move it, and is definitely not an eye-sore sitting at our kitchen table.  Love it. 🙂

And of course, a five-month favorite photo of my munchkin … 

Waverly’s sweater & jeans are from Baby Gap, shoes &  headband  are from Carters.


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