First Day of School 2017

Well friends, we made it! 🙂  Both our girls had huge milestones this week, Waverly Maye on her first day of kindergarten and little Avalon Elle on her first day of preschool!  I still can hardly believe it, overall they both did SO WELL and we really couldn’t be any prouder.  I spent the weekend before pretty nervous about how things would go (and am honestly pretty relieved that the chaos of the first day is behind us), but their smiles that afternoon made everything so much easier on my mama heart.

Waverly was the first to wake up Tuesday morning, she loves getting all dressed up for the day more than anything (as long as it’s something she wants to wear!), so she was completely ready before she even came into my room.  All four of us went to wait at her bus step together, where she just held my hand and patiently waited for the bus to get there.  It pulled up and she gave us a hug & walked right to the steps, without even looking back, and got right on.  I thought I would be able to keep it together until that moment, I will never forget the sight of her little five-year old self walking towards the big yellow school bus with her backpack on, it was the sweetest thing and also the saddest thing all at once.  So I did want any sane mama would do – drove right behind her bus all the way to the school, and watched from the window while she walked into the building in a single-file line like SUCH a brave little girl.  The day felt like it lasted a million years, but when she finally came home, she was beyond excited — her favorite subject was PE and she loved the lunch I packed for her.  That night when I put her to bed, she said, “mom seriously, I bet you are really going to cry when I turn 40”.

My husband took Avalon to her preschool since I had to be at work, where it did not go as well. 😉  There were lots of tears and clinging and “daddy, DON’T LEAVE”, pretty much the same thing that happened when we dropped off Waverly to her first day of preschool a couple years ago.  The good news though, my mom picked her up and she was happy as ever, the teachers said that she told them a million stories while she was there and that singing at chapel was her favorite part.  Which is SO her!!  She only goes for a few hours a couple days a week, so she has only been back once, but she seems to be getting (a little) better about drop-off and was still happy at pick-up, so we are counting the positives on that.  It’s also pretty damn cute when she says later, “mommy, I cried today to go to school”.  We know.

Hope everyone else’s babies had the best transition back to school!!!  I’m excited to celebrate making it through with some much-needed downtime (and extra sissy snuggles!) this weekend.  Wishing the same for you!  XO

PS – The girls shoes can be found here, we love them so much and they are perfect for when you need to gets kids ready quickly in the morning!


  1. September 8, 2017 / 1:19 pm

    SCHOOL, wow!!!

  2. September 8, 2017 / 2:58 pm

    My Mom always tells the story about how she SOOOO wanted to drive behind my bus the first day of Kindergarten but decided to not be a helicopter mom and just drove straight to the school to film me getting off the bus.

    Except…I never did.

    They dropped me off at the wrong school!!! Lol. My POOR mother. Omg.

  3. September 12, 2017 / 8:55 pm

    Waverly takes the bus to school?! That is legit! I don't know that I am ready to handle that. I'm sure she loves it though.

  4. September 17, 2017 / 7:14 pm

    oh man, your first day sounds EXACTLY like mine. my kindergartener ran to the bus SO happily! and i was choking back tears ALL DAY! and then my 2-yo cried and cried and cried when i dropped him off. he kept saying he wanted to go on the bus with his big brother. not yet!! mama can't handle that!!

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