Fifteen Month Update

Happiest FIFTEEN months to the love of our lives, Miss Waverly Maye. 🙂

Stats:  15 month appointment is next week, but we are guessing 22 pounds & 27 inches.  (Just looked back on Waverly’s 14 months stats, and we guessed 28 inches, but she clearly wasn’t since my mother-in-law just measured her last week at 27; great things come in small packages!).

Current Words & Other Milestones:  Favorite words of the moment are still dada, momma, bogger, ice, uh-oh & hi (while giving kisses & petting our faces, total heart-melter).  New words are baby & we are convinced she can say “what’s that?” when she sees something new.  This month, we have started working with flash cards each night and are really excited about how much she can understand now.  On more than one occasion, we are certain that she has even told us when she needs her diaper changed.  Yes, we are obviously convinced our child is a certified genuis! 🙂

Teeth & Sleep:  Waverly now has 6 teeth & they are just the cutest!  Our sleep was going great each night (7 PM – 7 AM) until this past week.  She has woken up the past three consecutive nights & will only go back down while being held.  As much as I love her cuddles, I definitely don’t want to fall into that routine so we are hoping this isn’t a “15 month sleep regression” much like the four month one.  Cross your fingers for me.

Favorite Foods:  Not much has changed here, still loves any & all carbs, goldfish, vanilla wafers, & munching on apples.  New to the mix is candy corn, a total mom fail for giving one to her because now she wants them ALL the time.  At least I can say she is in the holiday spirit! 

Favorite Toys & Activities:   WILD Waverly has only gotten more active during her fifteen month, which I didn’t even think was possible!  This child is on the move, ALL of the time & definitely is more active than any of the other babies we are around her age.  As tiring as running after her can be, at the end of the day, her energy is also one of the many things I love about her.  No moment with her is ever boring, she is super enertaining & animated!  Waverly definitely keeps us on our toes & I have a feeling that may never change. 🙂  Other than running about endlessly, favorite activites & toys are playing with her babies, books, & momma’s jewelry.
Least Favorite Activities:  Waverly Maye is honestly the happiest girl, as long as she is moving!  :)Mommy’s least favorite of Waverly’s recent activities?  Our sweetheart has learned to pull hair & lucky for her, her mama has a lot of it.  I have noticed that she does it mostly when I won’t let her have what she wants, so she definitely knows the meaning behind it.  A sign of the terrible twos a little early?!  The good news is that usually within moments, her sweet little self comes out and gives me a kiss or the best hug.  She is definitely sugar & spice, & everything nice.

Extra Comments:  Clearly, I have my hands full with this one.  This month has definitely proved that!  Yet overall, that is just what makes her Waverly & we wouldn’t have it any other way.  Even though I have had fifteen months to fully realize it, I still find myself looking at her in complete disbelief that she is ours.  That she was created in my belly & a result of me & my hubby, it really is nothing short of amazing.  SHE is really nothing short of amazing.  Waverly is our world and has made us the happiest little family.

Best month yet?!  I think so.  Can’t wait for more!
Happy weekend, friends!


  1. October 26, 2013 / 3:11 pm

    her clothes!!! ALL OF THEM! I've never seen Waverly in anything less than adorable! She's growing up too quickly!

  2. October 26, 2013 / 3:14 pm

    Her sweater! LOVE!! Happy 15 Months, pretty girl! From the pictures I've seen you look tall? I'm only 5' 6' but the ped predicts LG will be between 5'8' and 5'10' She was 29 inches at her appointment this week. Have they predicted WM's height?

  3. October 26, 2013 / 3:54 pm

    That picture of W and her Daddy in the pumpkin is so perfect!!

    What a sweet family y'all are.

  4. October 26, 2013 / 5:02 pm

    She's just so sweet! We had a new baby join one of our Mommy & Me classes, her name is Waverleigh! I think she's about two. It made me think of you guys! Such a beautiful name.

  5. October 26, 2013 / 5:55 pm

    I've nominated you for a Liebster Blog award!
    Check it out and feel free to Join in!
    -Nicole @ Our Humble Webb


  6. October 26, 2013 / 6:24 pm

    That sweater/hat combo is just adorable! Well all of what she wears it but this is just so festive! 🙂 Happy 15mo!

  7. October 26, 2013 / 7:41 pm

    oh my god!! I love her outfit!! I think she dressed better than me haha

  8. October 26, 2013 / 11:53 pm

    That might be my favorite outfit on her ever….so adorable!

  9. October 29, 2013 / 6:09 pm

    Sounds like Waverly & Liam need to get together so they can run around like crazy! We are go go go all day long too! It's exhausting but I love every minute!

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