Festive Feet

It’s December 4th, and it is also time for Waverly’s fourth outfit in her “Chic Countdown to Christmas.”  I am seriously having way too much fun with this already …

Waverly’s Outfit is Bearington Baby – the flower is removable & attached by velcro which makes it super easy for washing and it can be interchanged with different ones!  Her socks are also Bearington Baby – comes with a pack of three.
Headband is from Etsy.

Chevron Sweater Blanket from Target

In other news … as indicated in the top picture, Waverly Maye has officially found her feet.  Last week was the tongue, and this week it’s those scrumptious little toes.  It is amazing how entertained she can be by discovering parts to her own body … and equally as fascinating is how rewarding it is for me to watch it.   I knew being a mom was going to be great, but there was no preparing me for exactly how great it would beSo in love

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