February Fun

We are almost two months into 2020, I thought I would share some photos of our February + a little bit about our Valentines Day!  We are 110% team celebrate every holiday year round, the girls get just as excited as I do and it keeps us going through these long winter months when really we are counting down to our summer break.

Each year our favorite traditions for Valentines Day are cookie making (and eating!), our annual February playdate with the girls little friends, and of course making Valentines to hand out at school.  This was the first year that I completely let go of any plans of helping my big girls pick out their Valentines, part of my goal in the new year was to be more intentional with the things that matter most to them and this was one of those things.  So instead of cute printables I found on Pinterest paired with boy/girl little goodies I searched forever for, we went to Target and they each picked out their own.  Waverly got a box with airheads + Avalon chose Peppa Pig Valentines, it was SO EASY and definitely their favorite Valentines to hand out yet.

On Valentines Day, we did heart pizzas with the girls at home, it was super laid back + a fun tradition I wanted to start with them this year!  It’s so fun to have a romantic dinner with my husband too, but we typically try to do it another night besides the actual holiday so we don’t have to fight the crowds + so we get to have time with our littlest Valentines as well.  This year we will celebrate in just a couple days when we go to Breckenridge with my family, sans kids, my first time to visit my brother since he moved to Colorado and definitely my first time without my girls for three days straight.  Bittersweet, but we are SO EXCITED!

And for the photos.

Avalon’s sassy face before school on Valentines Day is my favorite, Waverly is always trying to make faces like that when we take photos to be funny + of course, Avalon is forever wanting to be just like Waverly. 😉 I hope your 2020 is off to the best start + that these winter months are treating you well! XO

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