I am so excited to share about my partnership with Bloomlife, after three pregnancies, their contraction monitor has quickly become one of my favorite pregnancy products and I will forever be recommending it!  It is the world’s first clinically validated wearable contraction monitor, so basically, it’s like you are at the hospital hooked up to the monitor, but really, you are comfy at home and just checking to see what kind of progress your body is making.  Best idea ever.
The Bloomlife is offered as a rental, I started using it a couple of weeks ago right when I turned 33 weeks.  There are three parts, the sensor & reusable patch (both which are sent to you in the mail) —  and then the app which is super easy to download on your phone, and then use afterwards.  It tracks your contractions with real-time data, shows how far apart they are, how long they last, and even shows a bar to find patterns.  It also allows you to share all your data with friends or family, which I think is so fun!
  For me, this pregnancy has been just as exciting and magical as the first, and as we near labor and my due date, those anxieties and nervous feelings about actually getting her here all feel like I am going through it for the first time, too.  Maybe even more now, after going through two very long labors and deliveries, and knowing really how much goes into them.  At 35 weeks, I am already questioning every cramp or pain, and trying not to google them immediately to see if it could be a sign that I may actually go into labor on my own.  It’s been SO NICE to actually be able to get the information on my own this time, especially being able to do it right from home!

I am so excited to use the Bloomlife for the weeks ahead as we wait for baby girl, I know I will be relying on it even more the farther along I get!  If you are pregnant or know someone who is, use the code AB10 for 10% off your own weekly rental.  Enjoy!!  XO

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