Favorite Baby Products: Round Three

Five weeks into baby number three and life is sweeter, and more chaotic, than ever.  Everyone told me that number three is a game-changer, and in a lot ways I totally get that now — with three kids, there is ALWAYS something to do, someone always needs something (or more likely all three need something at the same time), and there have been many times when I felt in way over my head.  But also, third time around & it’s just so much easier not to worry about the small stuff and to embrace the crazy, knowing how quickly everything changes.  Also to focus on the positive and the sweet moments, which there have been a whole lot of!!  We absolutely love having three kids and I already cannot imagine life any other way.

Sharing a few of our favorite products for Remerie today, these are all things that were sent to me during my pregnancy and I have been loving finally getting to use them the last month!

We use our dock-a-tot every single day & night, and we love it.  Because Remie loves it.  I know every other mama would agree, there is no price tag on good sleep and it is wellllll worth every penny.  It’s super cozy and comfy for the babes, and is also super convenient, we use it in our bassinet at night and I move it to wherever we are throughout the day for naps or even just to set her in while we are hanging out.  Full disclosure, Remerie is not the best sleeper and does not like to be put down — which is probably another post for another day — but if there is somewhere she will go for a bit, this is one of those things.  I will forever recommend it!

I was really excited to try the ollie swaddle, I used SO MANY different swaddles with both Waverly & Avalon and really never found one that we loved other than just a traditional swaddle blanket that you do yourself.  We can’t really decide yet if Remie likes to be swaddled or not, and are still really going back and forth night to night to try to figure out what works best, but the night we used the ollie swaddle she slept pretty well.  It gets your babe super tight and is supposed to mimic the womb (which obviously she loved, being nine days late & induced), so I am excited to try it more over the next couple weeks!

I am waiting on one final piece (a name sign) for the nursery and then will do a post to share it all, in the meantime, a little bit about the rug I decided to go with — we love it so much!!  Lorena Canals has the prettiest rugs ever, I could find a place for one in every room of the house!  My favorite part is that they are washable, I had one that wasn’t with Avalon and will never make that mistake again.  We have already washed this one a couple times!  The pink & white basket is also by the same brand, it’s super versatile as well and I love how it is two-toned.

The binxy baby shopping cart hammock is honestly genius, the first time I went grocery shopping after Remie was born I did not take it, and had to have Waverly push the stroller while I pushed the cart.  And this was only with two kids, Avalon was home with my husband!  I loooove the idea of being able to let your baby lay on top of the cart while you fill it with what you need, it really is the best idea ever!

If you are expecting, know someone who is or have a little one of you own — these are all such great products which really do make a difference in your day to day.  And your sanity! 🙂 Hope it was helpful, happiest weekend! XO


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