Family Trip to the Grocery Store

While I was pregnant with sweet Waverly Maye, I must admit that I was part of a pregnancy blog online.  And when I say “part of … “, I really mean that I had the app. on my phone and would read other people’s postings in the July 2012 community group, pretty much on a daily basis.  The only two times that I posted were both dedicated to a name poll – getting unbiased opinions in order to help determine our baby girl’s future moniker.  And even though my husband certainly thought it was weird that I cared about what other expecting moms had to say, and even made the assumption that some were creepy old men posing as pregnant women, I explained that it was an avenue to read about the number one topic on my mind without bothering those around me with the constant talk of my growing belly.
So throughout the many months of my pregnancy, I definitely read some interesting topics and opinions from my fellow July 2012 moms.  And of course, some I agreed with and related to more than others.  One subject that was discussed often was when it was appropriate to take your newborn baby out of the house.  Long before I gave birth to our baby girl, I knew that I could not be locked up in the house for long.  While I looked forward to and planned to relish in the first weeks & moments with Little Miss Brickner, I have never been one to be confined to my house.  I enjoy getting dressed for the day and even have trouble during my summers from teaching when I don’t have a definite plan on a daily basis.  So, needless to say, I did not agree with the many moms who indicated that they would leave baby in the house until six months of age. 
Today, Waverly made her first trip to the grocery store.  It was the first official outing (other than the doctor’s office), for our entire family – my husband, her, and I.  She behaved perfectly, and slept the entire trip, even in the frozen food aisle when it was rather cold.  It was almost as if she knew exactly how long we needed her to stay quiet, because her baby blues opened right as we got to the check-out line. 
So with each day comes new experiences that we are tackling together, and I am confident that our lives can continue beyond the four walls of our home.  Different, yes, but even better. 🙂

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