Fact Friday

My quest to add some weekly series into my blog goes on today … and this one was mostly inspired by my post about Waverly’s newborn photos this week.  Although I remember the details of the day we took those pictures so vividly, I know that there is going to come a time that all of these memories aren’t so clear.  At five months, my baby girl is certainly developing & progressing on a daily basis.  I can hardly keep up.  (I swear I left a basically bald baby the other morning to come home to one covered in a full head of hair.)  So with all this growing going on, it’s easy to get confused or forget her latest “thing.”
And by “thing,” I’m sure all you moms know just what I mean.  The tendencies your little one has that may seem silly or trivial to others, but make you deliriously happy and proud.  The ones that you never knew would be so downright adorable until you gave birth.  You get my drift, right?
So while I realize that these Friday facts may not be as interesting or entertaining to others, I plan to use my end-of-the-week posts to record some of Waverly’s current mannerisms, facial expressions, and habits. 
The ones I don’t want to ever forget.
Since this is my first Fact Friday, there is a lot I could include.  But in an effort to not come off as a completely obsessed mom, I’ve done my best to narrow it down.
My baby girl currently has an infatuation with faces.
This started a couple of months ago with her Uncle Austin.  Waverly Maye LOVES to touch faces … specifically noses, cheeks, and lips.  It’s almost as if it is her way of being affectionate.  And even though (as previously posted) she is experiencing a bit of separation anxiety at the moment, she typically doesn’t discriminate her object of affection.  I (of course) love it and let those little fingers grab on to my face all day long.

Waverly grabbing on to her Aunt Kim.  

About to grab on to her first boyfriend, Baby Brad.

Is Waverly Maye the only one?  Are there years of “KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF!!” in my future?    Right now, I don’t feel that I’ll ever mind it … but I have a feeling it might not be so cute when she is ten.

Happy Friday! 🙂 

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