Facebook Official

It’s been two weeks now since our pregnancy has been completely, 100% official.  And by that – I mean since we revealed our big news in cyberspace.  YES, on facebook.  It’s funny how big of a deal it has become – and how truly, it only took one press of a button to share with so many people about the life-changing news that had been on the forefront of our minds for the past couple of months.
So how did we do it?  I’m almost embaraased to admit that that was a much-pondered thought for me prior to the big reveal.  Do we share our personal ultrasound picture?  Upload a photo of my expanding belly?  Or just simply start referring to it in friend’s comments and see if anyone actually noticed.
Luckily, my sister-in-law had a picture taken at Christmas time that seemed to be the answer:
Complete with the caption:
“First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes BABY BRICKNER in July 2012.”
The next question … will BABY BRICKNER have the red hair … just as my niece Abbey’s doll does in the above photo.  We shall see, in July that is.

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