End of the Year 2021

It’s been a few weeks since the end of the school year + I am finally sharing some highlights of the last couple weeks!  This was obviously a really weird school year but also a really sweet one.  Honestly beyond the zoom, the masks + all the social distancing, this was one of our favorite ever (and we will definitely never forget it!).

Waverly + Avalon got to be at school together for the first time ever, this was something we had all been looking forward to and they were just as cute as I thought they would be!  Waverly LOVED third grade, this was probably her favorite class/teachers yet and she was just always so happy to be at school.  She’s organized, loves a routine + loves learning in general, so being at school is totally her thing.  Avalon Elle thrived in kindergarten, once we were able to make it past the whole zoom thing!  She has always been our shy girl so it was so much fun to see her make her own friends her age + to really love being all on her own.  She is reading so well now + I just can’t wrap my head around her being in first grade next year, it goes by so much faster the second time!

Remie Rue, her first year at preschool + it was so very precious.  Of all the things, this was definitely what I was most nervous about and she did soooooo well.  She loved her teachers and little friends so much, she started the year hardly talking and now doesn’t ever stop. 😉 She is obsessed with reading books + will copy how her teachers read to the class, I’m not sure I have ever seen anything cuter!  Going to pick her up after naptime is forever one of the sweetest parts of my week, I love seeing her walk out and hearing little highlights from her day.

This was also my first year back in high school + I am still SO thankful.  I worked so hard to be at a new school + back in a situation that I loved and it was well worth the wait, I don’t think I will ever take it for granted! 🙂 Sharing some photos from the last day of school (already feels like so long ago) and also from Avalon’s dance recital that week, Waverly also had her dance recital the night before but it was in an auditorium so I wasn’t able to get her costumes.  They both still love dance so much and little Remie Rue will be able to join them next year, cannot believe I will have THREE tiny ballerinas!!!

Hope your summer is off to the best start! XO

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