End of the School Year 2019

Our last day of school was Friday, the final few weeks of the year are always insane and this year felt even busier than usual.  Seriously, 486 end of the year parties at both Waverly’s elementary school + Avalon’s preschool, on top of swim team + dance recitals, Avalon’s birthday, all my end of the year school stuff, plus a baby.  I was definitely questioning my sanity for a minute but WE DID IT!  And it’s one of those things where the crazy has to get really crazy before completely calming down, so I am super excited for a laid-back few weeks ahead (or as laid-back as it gets with three kids!) and way less scheduled events for a while.

I’m taking a minute to document the girls school years, Waverly just finished first grade and Avalon another year of preschool, so next year we will have a SECOND-GRADER and Avalon will be in PreK.  Crazytown.  They both love school, Waverly is definitely our more outgoing child – she knows everyone + is always the first to introduce herself + also just ADORES her teachers (and is the first to test her limits!).  She remembers everything about every spirit day or school event and loves to play school with her sisters in the evenings, and especially to recite the morning annoucements word for word while sitting at the little school desk in her room.  This year she started a Spanish immersion program and can really speak it, she also loves to write and PE is her favorite subject.

Avalon Elle, our shy girlie, she takes a minute to warm up to people but once she does she loves you forever.  And is exactly like this at school.  She is such a rule follower, always sitting perfectly in criss-cross applesauce and won’t even talk in the hallways when we are walking her out of school. 🙂  Her favorite subject is “dramatic play” and anytime she does an art project she picks the color blue.  She loves her two little best girlfriends and talks about them all the time, but also loves coming home and getting into her “cozy clothes” (always including socks) with her family just as much.  One more year until she is at the big school with Waverly, I definitely don’t want to speed things up but I am sooooo excited thinking about them going to the same school together.

Also sharing a few photos from them both in their costumes before their dance recital, ohhh how this was the sweetest thing ever!

Hope your start to summer is the best ever! XO

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