Eleven Months of Remerie

Remie Rue is eleven months old, the next time I update she will be ONE YEAR!!!!  She is as delicious as ever, look at these itty bitty pigtails, they are just too muuuuuuch + so is she!

A little about Remerie the past month, starting with what a mama’s girl she is!  She is the first of my babies to rarely agree to go to anyone else, so I end up holding her A LOT, even through eating and trying to get things done around the house.  Truthfully this can be tough, especially because I hate that I sometimes cannot give my attention to all three girls but we do what we can do + make it work!  I could not live without this sling (babywearing is forever one of my favorite things!) and am constantly reminding myself that it will not be this way forever and how much I will miss it one day.

Remie loves walks in the stroller, swinging, alllll the attention from her big sisters, and probably most of all, to eat!  When she finds something she really likes, she has this little laugh after she takes a couple bites and it is the cutest thing ever.  She gives open-mouth kisses lately, says “maaaama”, “da”, and we are convinced she can say Avalon but really just yells at their room when she gets up from her nap to see if her big sisters are in there.  She can stand and for now, has shown no interest in walking + I am holding on to that for as long as I can! 🙂

Her personality is showing more + more, she is determined, a little shy, and as sweet as can be.  She has started cuddling more lately, the moments she leans in to my shoulder or snuggles on my lap after she takes her bottle are some of my very favorite.

Happy eleven months Remerie Rue, we adore you!

A look at Waverly’s eleven month update here + Avalon’s here! XO

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