Eight Years of Waverly Maye

By the end of the weekend we will have an EIGHT YEAR OLD!!  Two years from double digits + halfway to sixteen, I CANNOT BELIEVE IT but at the same time she is such a grown up little lady these days, I can definitely believe it. 🙂 Waverly is so excited to celebrate her birthday, we are going to have a brunch with family followed by an afternoon at the pool + a sleepover with one of her best little friends (the same exact plans as Avalon’s birthday just over a month back, that’s how we roll!).  She gets so excited to celebrate everyone’s special day and we are so excited to celebrate hers, eight whole candles on a cake for my first baby girl.

A little bit about an eight year old Waverly Maye, this is so easy to write because she is so very unique and has so many little things that just make her special in her own way.  She is energetic, talkative, fearless, + very much a leader who has all the opinions.  This is something that can be challenging (and always has been with her) but is also something that I know will take her so very far one day.  She is so incredibly passionate about the things she loves and will spend all the time learning more about the things that matter to her, especially Alabama football and fishing to be just like her daddy. 🙂  She is a typical first born child, she constantly looks out for her little sisters + would literally do ANYTHING for them, one of the things I love the most about her.

She’s very organized and lives for a routine, writes lists almost as much as I do, and does not like anything out of place.  There is rarely a night she doesn’t set out her clothes for the next day + always packs a bag for any outing we are going on at least two hours before we even attempt to go.  She loves swimming, dancing, the color purple + pizza, and was awarded the “pure sunshine” award in her second grade class for the second time in her elementary school years.  Eight years with her and a lifetime to go, I can only imagine how far this life will take her.

Some favorite photos from this past year, I will always remember her seventh year as the year she knocked her two front teeth out out, that smile will forever be a favorite of mine.

Happy birthday weekend Waverly Maye, we loveeeeee you! XO

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