Eight Years of Avalon Elle

Our Avalon Elle is EIGHT!!!!  Her birthday was earlier this week, she was so excited to go to school in her “birthday girl” button + ice cream cones to share with her class at lunch, and we will continue the celebration this weekend with a trip to the climbing wall, dinner at the pool, and a sleepover with a couple of her friends.  I know she will read this post 🙂 so I had to be sure to share some of my favorite photos of her from this year + some of the things I never want to forget about her from this age.

Avalon is our sweet, sporty, sassy sister — she can sometimes make me the craziest but also always knows when the the train is falling right off the tracks and will be the one to bring it all back in.  This year she continued with her Spanish Immersion classes at school, swim team, dance twice a week (hip-hop and her traditional classes), and started softball.  Our once shy little second child is no longer, she is super outgoing and her teachers always tell us how much of a leader she is.  She loves sweets, short sleeve t-shirts, + spends every single day after school reading chapter books in front of the window.  Our curly haired middle sister with a few freckles just on her nose — I cannot imagine a life without her.

Happy birthday Avalon Elle, we love, love, LOVE you!!!! XO

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