Eight Months of Remerie

Remie Rue turned eight months last Friday, Waverly was so excited to sing happy birthday to her when she woke up + gave her the biggest hug before whispering “I love you so much” in her ear.  Not sure how we ever lived without her!

I just read her seven month update and honestly, not much as changed.  She is still the exact same size (wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes), has the sweetest smile ever, is constantly sucking on her two fingers, and is a WILD WOMAN.  Seriously, for such a little thing she is so incredibly destructive but so very cute that you cannot help but laugh about it.  She is mobile, full-blown crawling + can pull herself up on anything (and loves to!).  We just installed the baby gate + are baby-proofing everywhere, nothing is safe and she definitely prefers going to find anything but her actual toys, and lately has been loving pulling her big sisters hair and trying to eat their school projects.;)  She is also still loving our nightly springtime walks, baths, and dances anytime she hears any type of beat.

Eating has been going pretty well, I cannot believe we did not try baby-led weaning with the other girls because I have been loving it this time around!  She is eating avocado, broccoli, toast, pancakes + loves yogurt.  She actually will eat more than Avalon and her favorite time of the day is probably any meal time, but of all three girls, she likes milk the least.  I know I have mentioned this, but she has never been that into breastfeeding at all (I think mostly because she is impatient waiting for the let down and just wants to be on the move!), and for the past few months I have been exclusively pumping + giving her the milk in her bottles.  This has been HARD to keep up with, especially on days I am home + literally do not have the time to pump and feed in between everything else.  Last week I finally made the decision to stop pumping, it was way more work than it was worth — especially since my supply was going down since she wasn’t wanting to breastfeed — and though I am sad to be done earlier that I wanted, I know it was the right decision for us.

I am so excited to have just a few more weeks of school and then the summer off to spend all my days with her (which will lead up until she turns ONE!!!) — also nervous because THREE KIDS AT THE POOL, but soooooo very excited.  I find myself wanting to keep her little but also wondering what she will be like as she gets older and so excited to see, pretty much the same as I always felt with Waverly + Avalon but just even more this time around.  We are just so thankful for her and cannot imagine a life without her.  Happiest EIGHT months Remie Rue, we love you to the moon and so much more than that!

Happy weekend! XO

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