Easter Sunday 2021

Sharing some photos + memories from Easter Sunday which was somehow an entire week and a half ago now, time is flying!  We really did it big this year after having to cancel most everything last year because of Covid, by the time we got to the actual holiday I think the girls had egg hunted probably five times.  I was a little nervous that Waverly would be getting over it now that she is almost 9, but she loved it as much as ever and was still excited for one last Easter egg hunt in 2021 on Sunday morning with her sisters.  The girls loved their baskets (Remie’s favorite part was a new book, ALWAYS!) — and the sweetest surprise from my parents, Easter donuts delivered by Door Dash that morning. 🙂

We were able to see both sides of our family and even my grandparents got to come over since they recently got vaccinated.  The little things are extra special these days, which we have learned over the past year, is one of the silver linings of a pandemic.

The morning after, we headed out to a little vacay for spring break, I will share some photos soon!!  It was the best holiday + break and now we are back to reality, counting down to summer!

We hope you had the very best Easter with your families!!!  XO

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