Easter Basket Goods.

Filling Easter baskets, one of my favorite things!!  I always get so excited for this, + this Easter just feels extra special with things staaaarting to feel a little back to normal and the weather warming up after what felt like one of the coldest winters we have had in a long time.  I usually get the same sort of things each year for my girls Easter baskets — sandals, swimsuits, sunglasses (all stuff we would have bought anyway!!), eggs full of pens, stickers, and hair accesories, a new doll, and then a couple fun things added in for each babe, more personal to whatever they are into at the moment.  I usually add that in the night before, after a trip with my husband to pick out something special for each of them!

I am linking what I could find below, the baskets I already had (and pretty much just rotate different ones each year) and the name tags I have been using for a few years now!!  This year we will also surprise the girls with a little trip with their cousins over spring break, I am planning on printing our tickets out + putting in their baskets as well.  All about that magic over here, bringing a little extra excitement to their morning when we were planning on going anyways!!

Baskets (Similar) — SunglassesSwimsuitsHair ClipsSandalsDolls

Happy almost Spring friends, we made it! XO

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