Easter 2022 & Baby Girl Update

All three girls had spring break last week, we couldn’t plan much or go far from home since I am still resting for the baby + have lots of doctor’s appointments to monitor her, but we tried to still make it special for them.  It was really good to have them home (and it made my days go by so much faster!), we were able to fit in some beach days + lots of time outside, my big girls also got to go to Busch Gardens with my husband — definitely the highlight of their week!  We ended the break with a really sweet Easter Sunday, it was such a good day with family and also noteworthy, it was Waverly’s last year believing in the Easter bunny.  So bittersweet, she had randomly seen the baskets when grabbing something from the attic the week before, so I ended up telling her + asking her to help me with the little girls for the years to come.  Hoping she keeps the secret!

In other news, I am THIRTY-FOUR weeks pregnant today!!  This milestone felt impossible a couple months ago + we are so thankful to have made it this far.  Our high-risk doctors felt comfortable setting a delivery date for thirty-seven weeks, we have known for a while that this would be the longest they would let us go (because of the risk of placenta failure increasing at this point with IUGR), it just seemed like a DREAM before.  We very well know things could change quickly, our baby girl is being monitored very closely + still small but consistently growing each week, as active as ever, and other than her size, looks perfect. Truly answered prayers!  This has been such a crazy journey, I am overall doing well and in a good mindset, but know I won’t be able to fully take a breathe of relief until she is here + in my arms.  Thank you for all the support, we definitely feel all of it!

Hope you had the best Easter + are enjoying spring weather your way!!! XO

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