Easter 2019

This Easter was extra special for us, our first as a family of five + in our new home!  Last year we were in between houses (and not even living together while my husband did renovations), I was pregnant and sleeping on an air mattress with two kids, and I remember getting through by looking ahead to how worth it all the madness would be.  And then I blinked, and there we were, watching our big girls run through our new yard looking for Easter Eggs while holding close our seven-month old Remerie Rue.

Some things to remember about this Easter:

Waverly is starting to question the Easter bunny, which is so funny and also kind of heartbreaking!  The other day we were talking about going to sit on his lap and Waverly said “umm Avalon, it’s just a guy dressed up in a costume”.  Then the night before Easter, she kept asking how it’s even possible for him to go to all the houses and when I told her it was magic, she said that witches were magic + “not real”.  The next morning she 100% seemed to believe though, so here’s to hoping I can hold on to that sweetness a little bit longer. 😉

Avalon is at the BEST AGE for this sort of thing, she was the cutest little hunter and was just so excited about every little detail.  She came sprinting in Easter morning soooooo happy, gave me the biggest hug and could not wait to go downstairs.  She is not a morning person at all and is usually grumpy for the first twenty minutes of everyday at least, so it was extra adorable.  She also is such a sweets girl, I will forever remember her sitting on our coffee table eating jelly beans out of her basket for breakfast, living her very best life.

Remerie Rue, her first Easter + all she wanted was yogurt melts.  We put a bag in her basket at the last-minute and her big sisters poured them on the floor for her and she went to town on almost every.single.one!  She is teething and has a runny nose and was fighting a nap all day long, but still manages to be the sweetest little thing ever.  Also worth noting, I got her precious little pink romper just for Easter in size six months (she is seven months!) and it was HUGE on her, falling off her little shoulders the entire day.  My tiniest tiny girl.

And now, we count down until summer break!!!  Seven + a half more weeks until I am home all summer long with my girls, cannot wait!!  Hope you had the best holiday with your loved ones! XO


  1. May 17, 2019 / 1:10 pm

    I live in the same hometown as the lady that made your easter basket tags. Our boys were on the same soccer team. Small world.

    • Ashley_Brickner
      May 17, 2019 / 1:12 pm

      Oh so funny!!! She is so talented!

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