Dressing that Bump …

I must admit that I spend many hours of each week poring over fashion blogs, websites, and magazines … in addition to visiting the mall at least once in an effort to stay up-to-date with the new shipments at each of my favorite stores … and, obviously, when my mind needs to wander, it is normally to thoughts of what the next best pairing of clothes in my closet would be.
(I have an excuse – I DO teach Fashion and what kind of teacher would I be if I didn’t make my content area a priority?)
So therefore, it’s safe to say that I love fashion, and even with the challenge of dressing a growing body and more specifically, a baby bump over the last several months … I wasn’t going to give up on my need for style.  It has definitely taken more effort – I had pretty much found my nitch in the fashion world prior to this new life stage – but if I gave up, what kind of fashion addict would I be?
So here are a few of my favorite maternity styles … so far, still 3 months to go and if the past month has been any indication, it’s only going to keep getting bigger, and bigger …

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