Doctor’s Visit Details

Just like during my pregnancy, the amount of visits to the doctor have substantially increased with the birth of our Waverly Maye.  Last week, my husband and I made our way to our pediatrician’s office for Waverly ‘s third appointment (even though it was our fifth time there, when including the visit on the car fiasco day and the initial interview we had with them).  
Similar to our first two appointments, Waverly had to be undressed to her diaper when we first got there in order to weigh her.  However, this time, that weight certainly had changed.  Our baby girl now weighs 9 lbs. & 8 ounces … A whole 2 pounds more than when she was born.  The doctor was more than happy with her weight gain and although she still is at only 21 inches (no surprise) and has a tiny peanut head (love it!), her chunky cheeks & tummy put her in the 70% percentile for weight.
Our pediatrician was also impressed with Waverly’s alertness and obvious social smiles. Overall, our baby girl had a successful appointment and we don’t have to return for another month. The only downside?  For one, the shot she had to receive, even though she took it way better than I thought she would (the only reason I know is from what I heard from behind the closed door, as I couldn’t stand to watch my little girl be injected with a needle).  And the other?  When Waverly peed TWICE on the table … even though she clearly thought it was pretty funny, and that made us smile too. 🙂

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