Delilah’s First Birthday Party

We had Delilah’s “berry first birthday” party a couple weekends back, it was the sweetest afternoon with family + friends and it brought me all the joy to celebrate our girl.  Honestly ten years into motherhood and lots of birthdays later, I am WAY more laid-back with celebrations than I used to be and almost just did a morning with immediate family — but then decided that we needed a big celebration for her l since we didn’t do one while she was in my belly with all the uncertainty of my pregnancy.  I am so happy we did, she was the first of all four girls to not cry during the birthday song (so funny that they do this!), loved trying her cake, and was in heaven crawling around the floor and looking at all of her new toys.  Celebrating her is so easy, she is such a gift to our family.

A special thank you to my sister in law for making her cookies, these might just have been my favorite yet!  The theme was adorable and perfect for Delilah who loves strawberries 🙂 A few photos from her day, I could have taken a hundred of her sitting on top of the table loving her cookies while we sang the birthday song to her so many times in a row.

And now onto the next special day as our birthday season continues — Avalon Elle on June 6th!  XO

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